5/17 (Mon) ~ 5/21 (Fri), 2021 / Virtual Conference

Welcome Message

The International Wigner Workshop (IWW) 2021 will be the fourth installment of the workshop series established by the Wigner Initiative in 2015 and will continue to provide a platform for a growing Wigner community. It will continue to bring together researchers in the many fields of physics, chemistry, and engineering where Wigner functions are applied.

Wigner functions have become extremely important in the past two decades, because of their ability to clearly illustrate non-classical behavior and quantum entanglement. This makes them very important for coherent matter-wave physics, optically-based frequency standards, and systems using quantum entanglement and coherence in quantum systems. In addition, the Wigner function approach gives unique insight into studies of the materials systems and materials properties that are essential for improving the capabilities in systems based upon the quantum features mentioned just above.

IWW 2021 will host a selection of invited tutorial talks to introduce the audience to the issues in each respective field as well as the manner in which Wigner functions are used in both experiment and theory. These invited tutorials will be complemented by regular research talks, which will be selected based on submitted two-page abstracts via a peer-review process. The abstracts will be compiled into a Book of Abstracts (with ISBN) which will be hosted online.